right here, right now.

I need to give my brain a moment to dump its current thoughts and swirlings down unknown portals and rabbit holes.

All I dream of right now is getting out of the city, in a van ( with built-in bed, preferably of the Kombi variety ), driving along the coast with no phone reception. No need for TV, or even a laptop. We would stop off at almost every little town to explore, find the best pies, sourdough and coffee. The bikes might come out for a ride, only stopping to capture some memories and admire the old country architecture, dwell in the history and peace.

We would visit all the beaches and immediately run to the water for a swimming / snorkelling / attempt-to-surf session. Sandy and salty hair required, showers not necessary, freckles abounding. Outfits made up of swimwear always ( one-piece on the more conservative days, bikini every other day ), easy jeans, white white white, with a touch of boho and a practical sun-shelterer, otherwise known as a plain old hat.

Then we’d find a little spot for the night to pause, with s sea view, bring out the bottle of wine and fire up the gas stove to create some new, satisfyingly fresh meal with the day’s finds. Snuggling, whispering, and watching the moon until falling asleep to the sound of the waves, before waking up early to repeat. Over and over again.

Truly this has been my dream since Year 8 – it is even visually recorded in my graphic design workbook for future proof. Maybe I could even find a way to set up a little sewing station, or a collage workspace, ready for me to unleash the pent up inspiration with boundless time. Yup, that’s what she wants, it’s what she’s always wanted.


kombi van holiday

beach holiday

greenery fashion

cafe coffees

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4)

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