find your dream :: jasmine dowling.

Previously I have reflected on the perfected personal style of Jasmine Dowling, as well as my fangirling habits. But now I want her job ( / life ).

One thing you should all know about me in advance – for some reason, I have an innate dream of living the freelance life and it’s been sitting there brewing for quite a while. Maybe the rise of Instagrammed coffee and work locations has amplified the desire a little, but I also love the rush, the deadlines, the variety when working across multiple clients or projects. My mind needs occupying, to-do lists and multi-tasking. The problem in all this, that big fat I S S U E lying in my way – I have no true freelance-able skill worthy of such a life. Or if I do, please show yourself. Appear now.

Which brings me to Jasmine, always-looking-beautiful-even-when-stupidly-stressed Jasmine, the freelance queen living the dream.

– Most obvious of all, I love her design skillz ( required z ). Later in life I will step into graphic design, no doubt, even if it is just to tick off another lifelong dream, but with far less creativity and genuine talent. She kills the simple yet completely alluring style, with hand lettering for every occasion. The digital collages and creations have me wishing for more Photoshop time ( and knowledge ) constantly.

– Taking beautiful pictures is all in a ( hard / long ) day’s work. For herself or for branding collaborations.

– I’m not joking about looking great all the time either. It doesn’t make sense to me when her life is so completely hectic with jobs flying out her ears, but, Jasmine manages it. Flattering, edgy, minimalistic style with added, non-optional, cool hair kinks and nonchalant makeup routine. Read : vintage-inspired sunglasses, off-the-shoulder casual, slip dresses, bombers and sneakers.

– She’s also in my Top 2 Snapchatters right now ( tying with Man Repeller ). That little snippet and insight into the creative freelance life shows all angles, with so many random life thoughts in between. If Snapchat lasted forever I would make you go back and watch the Iceland snaps – the most astounding scenery captured with hilarious, unfiltered monologue.

– SHE HAS A STUDIO. Of course she does. Why has this always been my dream? Who knows. But I save and save and like and save so many studio images, because it has to happen. A little place to call my own, with every inspirational thing necessary, a massive pinboard for clippings, and any required tool to create.

One of my favourite blog posts published by Jasmine of course addresses this whole idea of freelancing. Such a satisfying, refreshing read for someone who is trying to find their path, figure out which steps are right, and weighing up all opportunities. Working part-time to achieve your freelancing dream on the side is actually a great thing – a sturdy, manageable and interesting time in life. And the important tip – “Have you got yourself a coffee machine?”. Check.

jasmine dowling flatlay

jasmine dowling studio



jasmine dowling design


jasmine dowling denim jacket

(Images from here)

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