osakan for a day.

Is anyone else wetting themselves that it is spring again? In two ways. Firstly, how is it already September, the year needs to slow down a little, and secondly out of excitement for the coming warmth ( can already feel it brewing in the air ), beach days and wine nights – outside as opposed to in.

To make the most of these coming months I’ve decided to make a brief list of the explorations to undertake, things to do, and moments to savour. Too often I reach March with no sense of achievement or making the most of the time. I’m not sure how to even define achieving that, or if it is even possible in our busied age, but at least a list will provide a way to track and tick and provide direction. Skipping the boring ‘get fit’ / ‘get toned’ because my summer has to be so much more than that.

#1 R E A D. In the sun, on the balcony, anywhere. Take time out.

#2 Beach erryday, or at least all the days that allow – although this is a given so should really be discounted from the list straight up.

#3 Camping. There is nothing better than a sandy, salty air mattress and sleeping bag, with no showers. Just you, the beach, easy food, and company. Also a given due to the annual camping trip, but the goal is to make more.

#4 Bike ride. I have to stop using the excuse that it is too cold or rainy now, and my poor lonesome bike is getting real depressed locked up in the garage with the cobwebs.

#5 Drink rosé from a can.

#6 Finally conquer the tidal wave of surfing, and my fear of trying in front of other people.

#7 Learn a new skill. I really desperately want to try my hand at embroidery again, after a many-years hiatus ( if we could even call my previous works legit embroidery ). It could seem like more of a winter skill – perfect in front of a fire with mulled wine – but I can picture it just as nicely soaking in the sun with a smoothie in hand.

#8 Ocean swim ( and then something I can finally tick off my 30 before 30 list ).

#9 Make some healthy sugar-free summer treats. I always lean towards baked goods and steer clear of frosty concoctions – they seem too hard. But this is the time. Starting with some chocolate icy poles and bliss balls.

#10 Picnic. Saving money, choose-your-own-location AND getting a tan.

When I think of Japan the first things that come to mind are snow, sushi and pink hair, so I didn’t expect to see masses of florals and peaceful tones in amongst Himarin’s photography feed. The soft tones and dappled light are the perfect incarnation of my spring dreams. Floral fever is starting.

himarin osaka photography

himarin japan photography

himarin floral photography

himarin photography spring

(Images from here)

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