anatomy of :: the white shirt.

The white shirt is one item I believe you can never have too many of, within some sustainable / smart reins of course. Case in point – my wardrobe – which lacks many essentials, but white shirts exist in abundance. They have earned their own washing pile.

Generally speaking I have a bit of an aversion to “wardrobe basics”, they somehow don’t belong in my world, because I don’t actually want to wear a black blazer ( even though I know I should probably own one – I’ll get caught out one day ) or the same shirt in every single colour. The way my style has developed over the years means I don’t want to wear something just because the latest trend report says I have to, or all my friends are sporting it. I would prefer to work with what I’ve got and make it new in my eyes again.

My horde of white shirts may actually be a sustainable choice in the long run. A large percentage of them are actually thrifted or handed down. They can also be revived in so many ways, made new with simple accessories or pairings, so they will truly have a justified place forever. All my white shirts are different, all perfect for different occasions ( although many can also alias as pirate attire ). Even without ironing.

Another worthy list ahead. Sorry in advance for the lack of picture-proof, but alas, I have neither the location nor the camera ( or photographer boyfriend ), and no illustration skills either. Share your white shirt stories too – they are the thread that weaves us all together from anywhere in the world.

Item 1. The one I modified to look like my most desired Miu Miu shirt, thanks to the original wizardry of Man Repeller, and then some of my own adjustments to make the ( market-found done-up Ralph Lauren ) a shirt to stand the test of time, and washing machines. Ruffles will be cool forever.

Item 2. The plain old white shirt button down with collar. Also the perfect piece for reinvention dreams.

Item 3. The fitted, linen-esque collar-less shirt, that makes me feel like it’s summer everyday. Will become a beach essential this season.

Item 4. The beaded, embroidered, laced vintage number. This is the true pirate shirt. Baggy all over, sleeves down to my elbows because it’s a few sizes too large. But that’s what I love about it – I convert it to suit me and bask in that old school handiwork.

Item 5. Probably my most-worn St Vincent de Paul purchase ever – the vintage short-sleeve button down, complete with floral embroidery along the placket ( thanks google ). I’ve literally had this for at least 4 years. It’s thinning, but I will just keep wearing until it falls off me.

Item 6. My mum’s old lacey ( and racy ? ) t-shirt. Feel like an angel, especially when there are flowers in my hair.

Item 7. Seriously over-sized, also a previous mum piece, solid white shirt. Could almost be a dress, but is ripe for the tucking in and belting.

Item 8. The one that is so sheer and delicate I feel I will put a hole through it every time I put it over my head. Living life on the edge.

The one thing evidently missing from my wardrobe – a regular white t-shirt. Must be rectified.

stockholm white shirt street style

backstage ty-ler white fashion

billowing white shirt fashion

oversized white shirt

white shirt fashion

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

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