reliving :: rosie assoulin resort.

Now that spring is officially here – as the winds get a little warmer, the sneezes a little more common, and the layers peeling off – I can finally look back on the Resort collections with happiness, as opposed to hatred.

Living in the Southern Hemisphere in winter while our fashion friends up North swelter and immediately reinvent the trends coming out of the shows, is truly depressing at times. They wear off-the-shoulder beauties while I see how many layers I can fit underneath my coat ( answer: a lot – so many cuffs at times that I look like I have additional stumps growing out of my arms ). They run around in denim shorts while I repair and re-repair my black jeans because they are worn everyday. But now, it is our time. Our turn to appropriate the Spring/Summer and Resort trends with an Australian twist.

Who better to start this inspiration train with than the wonderfully voluminous ( in sleeve and ruffle ) Rosie Assoulin. One of my dream ladies.

What can we learn from her for this season? ( I really didn’t want to write another list but this accidentally became one ).

– Gingham seriously has made it’s comeback. Already noted, especially if you are a regular street style stalker, or love Rochas or J.W. Anderson or Lisa Marie Fernandez. It’s not Dorothy land anymore though, it’s twisted and ruffled and converted again.

– Patchwork is also back baby. And this is music to my ears and dessert for my eyes. At times I feel like the patchwork queen because I can either never afford to, or never be bothered to, buy a whole roll of fabric for some creation. Instead I’ll use whatever scraps I can  dig up from my boxes, and hope that something beautiful comes from all the mish-mash. Yes Rosie.

– Sleeves will always, and should always, make a statement. It’s ok to look like a cha-cha or flamenco dancer even during the day. Some flatforms or slides will be your secret weapon.

So basically, from now until next March you will see me sporting some big-sleeved gingham-patched dresses and shirts, with wide leg pants and skirts where appropriate, ear-drooping earrings, and some practical little slides. You too? Let’s be friends.

rosie assoulin resort patchwork

rosie assoulin resort 2017

rosie assoulin resort

rosie assoulin resort print

rosie assoulin full skirt

(Images from here)

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