the sustainers :: patagonia.

Who would have thought I had it in me to become genuinely excited about a pair of hiking pants and some virtually shapeless waterproof trousers? And after all my whinging, regretting and fears of money-wasting too. I have been converted, at least on some level, to the ways of the ( seriously less cool ) athleisure.

My process of purchasing clothing for Kilimanjaro was initially huge, tear-filled outlays at Kathmandu, annoyed that I would never wear those zip-off pants more than once. Extremely high cost-per-wear. Extremely not sustainable. And then I remembered the wonders of Patagonia – whom I now love in every way. Not only are my new hiking pants super value – a hybrid between yoga and hiking, so will literally be worn for my own enjoyment post-hike – but also a product from arguably the initial purveyor of the whole sustainable fashion concept.

The brand has been built on this ethos through and through. From their family-friendly working environment, to only using traceable down ( ensuring animal welfare ), promoting recycling and repairing of existing clothing, and ensuring safe and fair working conditions for all in the supply chain. It’s definitely admirable.

A label that strives to not only minimise as much as possible, but promote good, creating the new norm. An overwhelming attitude of transparency, with a consumer brand actually promoting buying less. Unheard of typically, but such a powerful and meaningful message. Buy quality, wear it forever, reduce your footprint on the planet. The anti-Apple and anti-Zara.

Reading Intent Journal’s interview with Rick Ridgeway, Vice President of Environmental Affairs ( and has been with the brand since the very beginning ), was so insightful and exciting. New technology and methods are continually being developed which will have a huge impact on our levels of waste and slowing down our destruction of the world.

He’s passionate – as someone who loves the wilderness, he can’t just sit back and watch it disappear before our very eyes. That’s a stance I think we all should have. Even those who dislike the outdoors, surely there is some element, some tree or flower or bird, that brings amazement, even if it is just witnessed through a window. We’ve all gotta breathe, you know?

patagonia sustainable fashion

patagonia tshirt

patagonia hiking sustainable

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