musings :: alicia vikander.

I wonder if I could be a barista. I love to watch them at work – how fast their hands move as they navigate the grinding, then the coffee-making ( see, I really do have a lot to learn ), the milk-frothing. So much care and precision put into each. There are times I regretfully put the lid on my Joco cup – the artfulness of a perfect, delicious heart or leaf does not deserve to be covered. Instead it deserves photos and praise and memories.

My favourite coffee girls are also the coolest bunch. I picture them as so at ease with their lives, loving the joy they bring their customers in the early morning, and smiling sweetly at them all, complete with badass t-shirts and denim. The things holding me back? My lack of patience, calmness, and general always nice attitude.

But Alicia Vikander could do it. If she wasn’t a babing Swedish movie star that is. With her sultry eyes and constant glow we are her captives. The style of a princess, the smile of a youthful girl, exuding some fresh air in an industry so stifled by trends and obsessions. Somehow it seems she has risen above with a real perspective and life behind it all. Do you know how hard it was to only pick a few images? Very, very, very.

My picks for an elegant Alicia-inspired wardrobe – a long flattering gown for the evening, a floral embellished day dress ( or why not wear for both the light and the dark ), the warmest coat of them all ( for those chilly Swedish nights ) and white frills all over.

alicia vikander black and white

alicia vikander fashion shoot

alicia vikander

alicia vikander fashion

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4)

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