manspiration :: martine rose.

I’m always excited for summer, every time it comes around, but this year I think the feeling is even greater than usual. It’s all because I’ve come terms with the fact that the period may not be what I typically determine as “perfect”. It’s more about going with the flow and making the most of it.

So far the plan has worked. We had a good start to the season with a boat day, partly cloudy, but mostly sunny, brimming with espresso martinis and cheese – two of my favourite things. Ordinarily those spots of clouds would have crept under my skin, fueling the hatred of any darkness and destroying any chance of fun regardless, but not this time round. Clouds have been conquered. They can’t spoil my bliss times or my beach adventures. Beach in the rain? Sounds fun to me. ( But also, please, do give me some sunny times – a girl needs her Vitamin D ).

Excuse me for being selfish, but I’m not even relishing in this collection for the sake of fashionable men out there. It’s all for me, my own pleasure. It all just looks so damn COMFY. Maybe slightly sweaty in the midst of a summer heatwave, but sun-protective, so you can’t have it all. Martine Rose took inspiration from that second-hand feeling ( I wonder if they also happen to hold that lingering old-man-musty smell? ), and the clothes that get collected up for charity shipments – that mish-mash of texture, size, colour, proportions. The name ‘Susie’ worn as a badge on each garment ( we all wish we were Susie ).

Those denim wide-legs would have me floating on clouds, walking with a breeze in my step, while the short-shorts would suit for every other outdoor moment ( and offer optimal tanning non-coverage ). It’s almost like she had me in mind as the ideal customer – weighty jackets are quite a rarity in regular spring collections, but you know what, it’s more rare to see me without one. Whether sitting atop my shoulders or bundled in my baggage, it’s there. Thanks to the strange circulation and air conditioning sensitivity I battle. I’m just not sure I could pull off the lesser version of ski goggles and glasses chain. I’ll leave that for the true grandads out there.

martine rose spring 2017 menswear

martine rose vintage inspired

martine rose wide leg denim

martine rose granddad menswear

martine rose spring 2017 fashion

(Images from here)

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