when the world says no.

Some days it feels like the world just really doesn’t want you around. It pissed on your glorious sunshiney, gym-class, solid outfit morning. And that bitch enjoyed it. Every question is answered with a no, every call for help rejected. All faith is lost in the state government as they steal more and more money from those of us who clearly can’t afford to drive to work everyday, or even own a personal car. Then there are messages that you just can’t decipher – were they taking a stab at you, or actually being nice? The written word is never very clear.

At times I really struggle to push things like these out of my head and not give in to the dwelling, so the day temporarily takes a turn for the worse, only revived by a coffee ( if there are still any coins rattling in that wallet of mine ), a hearty home-cooked meal, and couch time. Hopes of a productive and creative evening disappear, because it really just requires a wine and some Netflix to distract and forget.

Yes, I know I think too much, and am way too melodramatic. Haven’t found a cure for that just yet. But don’t worry, by tomorrow I’ll be on to the next thing. I am also fully aware that these are the most minuscule, pointless thoughts to dwell on when the world is full of destruction and despair. I can still see the wider picture of life.

My other little fix – you guessed it – a burst of inspiration, meagre or massive. It opens the mind to bigger things and starts the engine of creative juices again. Right now it’s all about a burnt, dusty red. That hue breathes life and adds something to a fairly monochromatic wardrobe. It’s colour for the colour-sensitive. Natural and full of life. Immediately has me dreaming – let’s get embroidering friends.

sun kissing

aloe flowers

bowie red jacket

dusty red pants and slides

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4)

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