timing is everything.

I read a very important article on Huffington Post, titled ‘To Anyone Who Thinks They’re Falling Behind in Life’.  How could someone have written an article so directly related to my current life situation, arriving in my Facebook feed at just the right time? Or maybe Facebook scarily knows me way too well.

A lot of my thoughts these days revolve around being productive, finding my dream, then setting an action plan to do just that. The exact dream just hasn’t been captured yet. I go off on various tangents but never settle on anything, or think of something I could actually DO.

Often that’s really stressful – I like to have a plan and something to work towards, a confirmation that my present floating is all for a good cause in the end and helpful. That my weird existence now will lead to something greater, make me a better and more determined person. But when I feel like I’m not getting any closer those big black doubts set in ( read: virtually every day at some point ).

This reminder that timing is everything is such a comfort in ways, although I am still ridiculously impatient. Maybe I won’t figure out what my next step is for a while, and I have to be ok with that. Timing is everything. You never know who you will meet, when you will meet them, and the opportunities that could flow on from that. Even an Instagram discovery, random email received, or LinkedIn message.

Listening to the latest Oh Boy podcast with Aurora James ( whom I deeply deeply love and admire ), of sustainable label Brother Vellies ( of course to feature soon here ), has also instilled this idea of often taking a while to come to that idea. After working some of the most random and unrelated jobs, a trip to Africa provided the inspiration needed ( just maybe I will have the same experience in a few weeks time? ), to then develop the successful business of today. One that pays fair wages and promotes the craft of the artisan.

I can’t just write a list and make it happen. Instead I have to trust that timing, take a chill pill, and get comfortable with watching Netflix and lazing – it’s not just about being actively productive or creative in every moment. They are words I already knew, but sometimes we need someone outside to shout them at us. It’s like a mini stone has been lifted off my back for a while. I’ll know it when it comes.

sunshine photo shoot

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prada earrings photo shoot

miu miu headpiece photo shoot

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