countdown on.

So it is almost time for me to disappear for a while, breathe some truly fresh air, and experience a completely different culture. Scary that that day has finally approached. After so much planning and revising and organising it is time to just let it all flow. Hop on that plane, climb that mountain, see those animals, and visit those families. And just trust that everything, or at least most things, will go to plan with minimal hiccups.

As I head off to pack, and re-pack, and then check again, and say some short goodbyes, I wanted to leave you with a few inspiring images to start off one massive month. A head start on the right foot.

– A glorious pattern to get the African safari vibes flowing – a coloured piece for compiling scrapbooks and dreaming of textile creations.

– The beautiful blooms of spring.

– The time to just sit and read and inspire through the written word, off-screen. The tactile pleasure of paper and the smell of a fresh magazine.

– More mustard fashion because it is my second favourite colour right now ( after the dusty red ) and makes every day feel a little warmer, a little more achievable.

Let’s see if I can squeeze one more mini post in before the day arrives.

africa print inspiration

spring yellow blooms floral

magazine reading relax

mustard fashion spring

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4)

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