coming home.

I always find it difficult to settle back in to normal life after time away, especially when that time is spent in an opposite part of the world. Life experiences rarely reflect my own and living conditions differ vastly. But the craziest thing I find is that everyone I meet has a genuine heart, a love for people, a love for sharing and encouraging. So different from our bustling, heads-down, elbows-out cities. I always return with questions about the Western world, despising our consumerist society and love of ‘more’. Lack of wifi is bliss and separates me. Now I have to figure out just how exactly these reflections will adjust my life.

In the meantime:

– Outcome of the whole experience ( one of a trillion ) – a split second decision can lead to the greatest life experience. The choice to venture to Tanzania and climb Mt Kilimanjaro was clearly one of my least thought-out decisions ever made, as documented many times throughout this year, but is the best thing I have ever done. The most life-changing, eye-opening, and all over amazing. So much so that I instantly need to start saving again so I can make my way back.

Sometimes I need to stop my brain and go with the heart instead. Because in the end, if we don’t live with our hearts what are we living for anyway?

More on African fashion later, but, as a mini piece of inspiration for the beginning of the week, a few little street style gems loaded with patterns and colour – seen everywhere along the streets of Tanzania, in every village, in every town.

street style patterns

street style veronika heilbrunner acne

street style turban
street style susie bubble patterns

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4)

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