reliving :: louis vuitton.

We all know I am an incessant list-maker and note-taker. I have notebooks and post-its coming out my ears. There’s a very real fear I could wake up in a midst of floating paper, having scattered all my paper notes like confetti, gathering on my bed ( like all those clothes I fail to put away – until the designated clothes-away day – Sunday ). Then there’s the technology-based notes as well, all throughout my iPhone. Reminders, the Errands app, Notes, and Evernote. Strangely enough, this oddball system seems to work for me.

It’s a reflection of my mind really – little pieces of information stored in various places, just waiting for the right opportunity to present themselves. And a bit chaotic. Exactly how I like my bedroom – too neat and it’s stark, no character in sight; a little messy, like a mini whirlwind has whizzed through, and it’s just right. Hectic thinking space.

I can flick back through the years and see how much my opinions, inspirations and personal style has changed. What once was so cool and trendy is now not so. Others transcend the years ( the backlog truly dates way back, my friend ) and without these notes I would have forgotten how much I loved the Louis Vuitton Fall 2014 collection.

A compilation of patterns, dotted with bold oranges, and sophisticated pieces. I’m feeling those alpine vibes, with a touch of rebel moto leather. Those inspirations will have to wait in the backseat of my mind for now though ( see you next year ), while I relish in this warming weather and get my legs on sandal show.

louis vuitton fall 2014

louis vuitton moto 2014 fall

louis vuitton fall 2014 runway

louis vuitton alpine 2014 fall

(Images from here)

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