a podcast gift for you.

I should apologise – two whingy posts this month already. And it’s November! It’s meant to be a happy month! And indeed is already proving to be. ( Even with the current shocking, unimaginable results of the US election, I refuse to turn into a ball of negativity. We can only fight to improve this situation with love and compassion anyway ).

As a slight reliever from the woes of the brain and life schedules I have come up with another list, surprise surprise. But one that I hope you find interesting and practical.

It’s no secret that I have an OCD-like condition whereby I scour for content at a rapid pace, try to keep up with absolutely every piece of interesting information out there, and endlessly save bookmarks or notes for reading later. This also extends to be my 2015-found obsession with podcasts. I was late to the party, but am well and truly making up for it now. Sometimes, when the work afternoon seems to drag, I get back into inspiration mode by dreaming which podcast will be the choice for that evening’s commute home.

Here you will see a) how far this infatuation goes ( and this is restrained – I have forced myself to not subscribe to many ) b) what a loser / nerd I truly am at heart.

– The Man Repeller podcasts. Of course. Both Oh Boy and Monocycle are right up there amongst the favourites and most-looked-forward-to each week. Is it that Leandra’s mind musings in Monocycle so clearly reflect my own, reassuring me of the way my brain works? Or the countless inspirational women Jay Buim has the opportunity to glean pearls of wisdom from? Probably both.

The PanDolly Podcast. Obviously I love Pandora Sykes, a lot, and want to be her. But the mix of hilarious stories and quotes paired with more serious notes is amazing. Gives me a little insight into the London world. Also, Dolly’s name, so quintessentially British which sums it all up with love.

Garance Dore’s Pardon My French. Because Garance is another very cool lady who gets to hang out with other very cool ladies and chat about anything she likes. I’m trying to pick up a French accent from her, and now dream of a Corsica trip.

Serial. I am way behind and lagging in Season 2, but this is the podcast that got me in to the buzz. Bonus: I feel like I am learning every listen, gaining a few brain cells and random facts.

This American Life. Ditto the above. Makes you feel a little bit smarter, and a lot more grateful to be living in Australia at many times. Ira Glass also just has such a great voice.

Chat 10 Looks 3. The true geekier side comes out here. Firstly, Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb are hilarious together. Secondly, they give me the best book recommendations and have me salivating at every recipe mention – I would be a baking queen if I ate those sugars and also had the time. Thirdly, the only things I know about Australian politics have come from this podcast. Probably very important that I know these things.

Conscious Chatter with Kestrel Jenkins – I’ve only recently discovered this one, but for anything sustainable fashion related, it’s a gem. My mind is already teeming with new brands and new creative, conscious people.

And that’s just the start, my friends. There’s a long waiting list. Even today I have subscribed to another – How I Built This – because I imagine it will rock my world. To leave it on an even higher note, how about these pieces of street style inspiration? It’s all about the florals – because the flowers are out, the sun is ( mostly ) shining, and we’ve all come out to play.

pernille teisbaek loewe vetements street style

tbilisi street style floral sleeves

zimmermann alaia street style new york

floral skirt street style

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4)

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