the sustainers :: mara hoffman.

There’s enough content, labels and inspiring people on sustainable fashion to cover at least 5 posts a day, every day, for years and years. Sadly this isn’t my full-time job. Sadly the time to put it all together doesn’t exist in my life at the moment. So I settle for a couple of times a month, sometimes with extra little mentions and tributes mixed in.

This is a pretty good problem to have though. It means we are starting to carve a way in the fashion world, even for the non-fashiony types. By now most consumers have heard about the issue – whether they choose to care or not is another matter – but it’s out there for the public, loud and clear. As much as I oppose H&M, they make it vibrantly clear that there is a concept in life titled ‘sustainability’, and it matters, plastering the message behind every counter for all to see.

I love seeing existing brands changing their tact. Reforming and revising. Better still when it’s a brand that I’ve loved and consistently stalked runway images and sales racks for – like the latest babe to join the party, Mara Hoffman. I’ve dwelled upon the pattern guru before, bringing us colour and styles from another land; an always-on resort collection. But now she’s made the switch. And I am shouting for joy, in my mind, as I sit in my chair at work.

The brand hasn’t lost it’s detailed, vibrant, patterned appeal, just modified the way in which it’s done. The fabrications have gradually adjusted to more sustainable alternatives like Tencel, recycled polyester and organic cotton. The styles have been stripped bare to offer a more wearable, yet equally beautiful and appealing first collection.

I liken it to viewing her previous collections with an Instagram filter switched on, one that slightly dulls the contrast, is easy on the eye and makes everything look so much smoother, cooler – my favourite kind. Ideal for gallivanting or looking perfectly at ease always, whichever you prefer.

mara hoffman resort 2017

mara hoffman sustainable fashion

mara hoffman sustainable switch

mara hoffman pattern colour resort

(Images from here)

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