reliving :: celine resort.

I have another important PSA. One that may or may not change your fashion views and desired clothing for the coming months.

Of course it revolves around the ever-great, all-inspiring Celine – because when a label is headed up by a lady like Phoebe Philo, how could it not?  I got so excited at first look that my handy Evernote note was all in CAPS – I HAVE NEVER DONE THAT BEFORE IN THE HISTORY OF ALL MY NOTES. Can’t you feel the excitement?

I realise that we are not so much “reliving” this particular collection, when the lookbook release was only very recent. Maybe view it as a reliving as in, harking back to what we may have left behind in our brains ( because daily we are so overwhelmed ), a reminder of that beauty, and the encouragement to bring it forward ( even before the release of the pieces in-store, as we create and mould our own inspired versions ). Phoebe is also successfully bringing back the 80’s silhouette, in a modern boss-girl way.

I am a lover of big shoulders, even the shoulder pads, hence why I can steal so much from my mum’s wardrobe. These Celine pieces are those that may be required, sadly, for an entrepreneurial woman about to meet the business men “hot-shots”. The clothes to scare them into respect. I hate that situation even has to cross my mind, but it’s real – even today the news discussed a $27k salary difference between men and women. On a more trivial note, at least we have the appropriate outfits. In an ideal world / my everyday world, we wear it just because we can, out of love. But these also work for horse riding, or long summer sessions, or a classy night on the town, gin in hand.

As for the sustainability, I couldn’t tell you exactly where Celine sits, and there’s a clear lack of information out there. But I do know this – with key statement pieces that transcend trends, these are items to last and live in a wardrobe, worn often, for a long time; something to pass on and hand down to others in the future.

My own inspired version, on a slightly more realistic budget ( only ever so slightly ) involves a pair of sleek ( environmentally responsible ) Nico underwear and sheer dress ideal for a country wedding, or the hardass pantsuit and jacket with emphasised soldiers ( or take it next-level with this Jacquemus number ) and stomp-all-over-you shoes. All determined by my mood and power status of course.

celine resort 2017
celine resort sheer dress
celine resort phoebe philo
celine pantsuit
celine sheer dress

(Images from here)

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