coastal for a day.

( Or for a lifetime – also quite happy with that ).

The need for a holiday has sprung on me again. I know, I know, it’s only been four weeks since my Tanzania adventure, but that Sydney life sucks it out of you, drastically quickly. All those horns and sirens, grumpy walkers, angry men, and go-go-go. Which I do love, when I have a coffee and a good sleep behind me.

My body just needs some beach and reading time right now, spent away from the Internet and immersed in the outdoors instead – trying new hiking routes, snorkelling, attempting to skateboard. Give me some glorious seaside sunshine, a new one piece and sandals, health-overloaded smoothie, and all the new magazines on my wish list ( need oyster asap ), and you will be my best friend. Brain and un-tanned body would very much appreciate.

While the countdown is on I’ll just spend my spare time browsing the dreamiest of ocean images; a reminder of my happy, free place. Thanks Ryan Pernofski for the everyday gazes and dream-feeding. That bliss. So perfect.

ryan pernofski photography

ryan pernofski underwater

ryan pernofski waves

ryan pernofski ocean photography

(Images from here)

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