a distinct lack of colour.

Last night, as I was preparing and planning today’s inspiring-enough-for-a-Monday outfit, I realised the sheer lack of colour in my wardrobe and jewellery collection. I’ve been quite aware of this for some time – I steer towards a more monochrome palette on days when there is little inspiration or creativity; it’s an easy go-to, never-fail option.

But with the black / white / blue mix for this morning, even with the dramatic presence of houndstooth and another non-descript, non-matching pattern ( obsessed with pattern on pattern ), some semblance of colour was required. That little piece of pizazz; a glimmer in a world of neutral. Especially on a Monday.

The accessories drawers did not deliver a solid, bold coloured piece. Those had all been discarded post-year 10 when crazy colours became less cool again. I’d take my neon orange satchel if I didn’t eat lunch, but the need for food trumped. When all else fails, my trusty orange ( so much orange ) Joco cup is there to satisfy both my coffee and sartorial needs. And so it did.

In the case that you are experiencing this similar lacking of vibrancy, here’s a few glamourous pieces from some of my favourite jewellery ladies to deliver on those days when you need SOMETHING. But equally wearable and versatile.

lucy folk spritz earrings

lizzie fortunato teal crater earrings

chan luu charm bracelet

roxanne assoulin choker

georgia perry bananarama earrings

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

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