the battles of a sustainable life.

I’ll be honest – not all the clothing purchases I’ve been making have been completely ethical. It’s the issue where I desperately need something to wear, whether for a particular event or the changing season or old stuff = broken, but the money situation does not match the wishing situation; the one where I try to only buy from trusted brands, or those at least on their way. I sadly don’t have the spare $$ hundreds to invest in the sandals I need ( and right now this means I am continuing to wear boots and sneakers even on 30+ degree days ). Hot feet are not so great. It sucks and makes me miserable that I can’t just be buying from designers like Celeste Tesoriero, Kitx and The Reformation.

But I do have one element of justification up my sleeve. I am the kind of person who wears things forever. I can only bear to part with my credit card safety when I LOVE it, and thus will wear it to the end of it’s days – even if it lasts over ten years, it’s stuck with me. If I buy an item from a label that isn’t clearly committed to the world, at least it will have a lasting place in my wardrobe. That is also a sustainable choice. And I’m not talking about your typical fast fashion, wear-it-once-and-it-dies stuff though ( I am definitely not the graceful, clean type who would be able to make that stuff last ). I still refuse that – the foot is down.  The brands I look towards offer the enduring quality necessary with importance on the skill, design, and materials used to create this.

In these posts I highlight a multitude of  brands that I can rarely afford, which is saddening, but I need to be ok with making my mark in other ways right now too. I know many hardcore world-savers wouldn’t agree with my seemingly laissez-faire attitude, but at this stage it’s all I can do. Be a repeater of shoes and show everyone that is fine. Mix it up in other ways.

In the last few weeks I’ve experienced a lot of anxiety over this, and I’m not just tossing that word around because it’s “in”. It’s tough to marry the two ideas together, particularly when we know so little about so many brands. Google doesn’t deliver. I spend so long trying to find the perfect buy, but it’s virtually impossible to track down something that ticks all the right boxes within that achievable budget.

Which is why I would love to hear your opinions too. Am I being lazy and impatient by justifying these purchases? Or is that the first step, when your career is just starting, still studying, and life expenses are too much? Like chipping away at that ice block gradually, until one day, we can all afford to gallivant around in Miss Crabb’s sexy dress collection. What they say is true, surrounding yourself with greenery truly does make the feels slightly better.

cactus club interior
bedroom plant garden
bathroom plants interior
interior garden plants

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4)

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