find your dream :: grace bonney.

The other day was significantly, and very depressingly, uninspiring. If I can flick through Pinterest without some sort of excitement it is definitely bad ( normally I have to set myself a time limit because I get so carried away in it all ). Not even chocolate helped. If my eyes weren’t so exhausted from all that screen and poor lighting, maybe I would have turned to Design Sponge instead; steal some inspiration from the clever lady, Grace Bonney.

In my eyes, without a doubt, it was Grace who set the tone for all home and interior blogs of the last ten years. Time after time I come across another growing blog with a basis of similarity. Yes, I suppose they are all a showcase of people’s dwellings anyway, but there is that additional common thread running through them all that I just can’t put my finger on.

Design Sponge was daringly started in a time when blogs were not the norm, opinions were kept more undercover online; what a gloriously clever risk to take. One that has catapulted Grace’s name to the forefront of the interior world and widened her horizons to include much more than just an online interface. She’s got her books ( one I already own; the latest of which I desperately want asap – no shortage of inspiration in there ), hosted a radio show / podcast ( which I’m very tempted to delve into the archives of ), plus a million speaking appearances and other features.

I honestly believe that Grace and her crew can be credited for all my initial girl boss dreams ( thanks to an admirable section called Biz Ladies ), nurturing that future-seeker side of me at an age when I was really just trying to get a part-time job and do a bit of travel. Now that girl has become a fully fledged dreamer.

I suppose the thing I’m most jealous of is her role as an inspirer – she’s seeking out those incredible stories, those helpful pieces of information, and those beautiful images ( why I also love Todd Selby so much – bringing some masculinity to the piece ). Design Sponge is for the every-woman; a destination to feel motivated again and create our own space or design our own future, that doesn’t just play to what everyone says, but is truly who we are. It’s all a bit meta, a bit too big and spacy after a long day. But I think that’s a dream of mine. Collaborate and curate, tell the stories that inspire, that speak to a multitude of women, that create that community and help us make our mark on the world. Massive.

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grace bonney design sponge

design sponge green dining room

design sponge brooklyn bedroom

design sponge loft

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4)

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