anatomy of :: the canadian tuxedo.

Two important points of reflection for you, my friends.

#1. How great is the Canadian tuxedo? The perfect pairing of denim on denim – one that is so daring, so difficult to pull off, that it will only work if you flaunt it. Be confident and everyone will believe you. It’s a lesson in boosting your own ego and convincing those around you that you aren’t crazy, and actually just a very cool, individual human.

#2. Why does it have to stop for summer? It’s not just made for the jeans and denim jacket combo. Just because it’s freezing in Canada doesn’t mean we can’t or won’t bare our legs throughout the rest of the world. Get those Levi’s shorts and vintage denim jacket out because the heat is calling for it. Summer wants us to challenge it. I know what I’ll be wearing all week ( once I track down some denim shorts half-appropriate for a lazy desk job – maybe these Re/Done classics paired with a classic, voluminous-sleeve shirt? Or just go for a Stella McCartney denim playsuit? ).

I think the key to dressing for today is: wear what you want. Don’t play by the rules just because they are rules. Then we’d would have no chance of becoming like Iris Apfel when we grow up – “I don’t have any rules because I’d only be breaking them”. Wise words from someone who has experienced enough of life to deem them true. ( And for future reference, black and navy are made for each other. My favourite combo no matter what the stylists of yester-year have to say ).

canadian tuxedo double denim
canadian tuxedo
double denim street style
double denim shorts

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4)

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