fashion envy.

Do you ever get that feeling when you walk past girls wearing their fancy Miu Miu shoes and carrying a Celine shopping bag? You know the feeling? Taste the envy. Linger on the disdain ( where did they get that kind of money from? Not themselves I’m sure… ).

I can browse as many magazines and photoshoots and editorials as I like, but it will never deliver a billowing Alessandro Michele-designed Gucci dress on my doorstep. I’m not quite sure what will. Doubtful that would ever actually happen within this whirring life of mine ( not a lack of want, a lack of means ).

Some wear their Stella McCartney platforms like I wear sandals to the beach – slid on, no care in the world, scuffing along the pavements. At which I am amazed, believing those thousands of dollars to be almost wasted on one so flippant, treating something so beautiful without the care warranted. If I had a pair it would be like my protected baby – coddled and cared for, only taken out of it’s box very occasionally for the most special of celebrations ( and even then, probably wiped down and polished afterwards ).

Another part of me admires them for it. They’re certainly not hoarding, letting items rot away in their wardrobe, or saving them for a future unknown date, but wearing these pieces to their fullest – which is the whole point anyway, isn’t it? We buy to wear and use, not hide away and only release sometimes for a private viewing party. And that then must be the most sustainable way to own these pretty thangs too. Wear, wear and wear again, until they really can be worn no more. Especially when it’s got something to do with Stella and her clever sustainable ways.

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