the mooncup trial.

You didn’t ask for this, but I’m giving it to you anyway. A breakdown of my first mooncup experience.

You either love it or hate it; become a sort of preacher or naysayer. This may be one of the most divisive little implements of the year between women of all-sorts. Initially, the hippie image really stuck with me and I couldn’t shake it. Yeah I love nature, love being free and living life in a tent, but I can only take that so far. Not to the personal hygiene ( lack of? ) requirements. So I put it off. That and the initial cost – which isn’t exorbitant, but for me, I feel that coming out of the account. I finally woke up to myself and my prejudiced ways. Mostly out of a dream to ‘stick it to the man’ and protest the ridiculous, unacceptable taxing of feminine products. Blood is boiling even at the mention just now.

So, the big question – am I converted or not? A breakdown of cycle numero uno with this strange plastic cup, minus the gory details.

Day 1: Weird. Weird. Weird. I legitimately carried the instructions around me with everywhere to fix any arising solution or question that may come to mind. And read every.single.time. any form of removal or placement was taken, because you know, you gotta be thorough. Beneficial.

Day 2: Coming to terms with the graphic-ness and gore of the whole thing. But really, it’s no worse than a tampon anyway – a less wasteful, less unknown fibres / weird messing-up-your-body shit, more simple version. Perfect for those crazy art people who collect for later “artistic” use ( vom ). Questionable.

Day 3: Must be wearing it wrong mostly because I can FEEL it. At the same time, I can feel my pockets growing heavier with all the $$ I am saving. Won’t take long to reap the cost-per-wear benefits of this thang. ( To be truthful, I still need to pay for those helpful little liners – which aren’t sustainable – because I am not a very trusting being. Two options moving forward: #1 – find some of those organic / healthier versions, until #2 – buy my period panties ( Side note – this is my favourite word )).

Day 4: We are on our way to becoming best friends. I can see this being a beautiful friendship of freedom and frolicking, and holidays because, you know, all that extra cash ( it has to pay off one day ).  Somehow this little piece of plastic makes me feel more like a woman than ever more. Might be the sense that I’m getting my shit together finally – being responsible to the environment, my body, my wallet. I’m on my way!

Verdict: we are friends. This is a blossoming relationship. Give it a go. Holler with the questions.

All things … pink … to fit with this whole theme. Thank me later.

pink flowers girl

bathroom pink tiles

pink bodysuit stickers glitter

yoga pose illustration sara combs

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4)

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