christmas outfits of your dreams.

Let me help you decide on the Christmas outfit of perfection. This month, instead of reliving the awing beauty of just one collection, I thought we’d do a little grouping. I’m feeling a need to deliver the Christmas spirit through outfit choices, because my apartment is lacking in any signs of the holidays ( the toilet paper is the most festive thing in there ).

I’m thinking:

– A very Gucci take on Christmas ( from 2016’s F/W collection ). Red, green, ruffles. It’s a glorified jumpsuit out there, ready for a hot summer’s celebration ( sorry all you Northerners ).

– How about a gingham surprise. Find a twin, grab a sister or a friend – I’ll take red, you have green. Then match, match, match a la MSGM.

– Plaid also seems like a very Christmassy ideal – was it designed for such an occasion originally? The rule is to choose one that reflects a holiday tone; red, green, white, or crazy. For an Australian Christmas I’m a fan of Calvin Klein’s simple plaid dress, brought in with a miniaturised Santa belt ( ? ). Breezy enough to sit around in all day, roomy enough for all that feasting. All you need to add is some ridiculous bauble earrings and the spirit is with you.

– Orrrrr why not wear decorations fit for the Christmas tree in your ears? ( ones that far outweigh the regular bauble or bell of the above ). Delpozo delivers. You could wear a potato sack and still incredible with these dangling from your head.

– And lastly, what could be more Christmassy and over-the-top than a lashing of embellishment? I’ll take a classic sheer black dress from Valentino, rendered new with handcrafted details, please.

gucci fall 2016 christmas outfit
MSGM resort 2017 gingham
calvin klein plaid dress
delpozo christmas earrings
valentino embellished black gown

(Images from here)

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