reflecting on the year that was.

While the rest of the world has been lamenting the year that was 2016, I have been quietly sitting back. The kid in the corner. Yes, the earth is falling apart – real shit has happened this year – but can we actually expect it to be better in the next?

I’m not promoting a sad-fest or a constant state of pessimism; instead, I feel it’s important to reflect on the freaking amazing things that have happened. #1 – we are still alive, we’ve made it to see a new year once again. I am sure that the vast majority of us, while noticing many, countless awful things, have also experienced some really special moments in 2016.

To be honest, and the reason why I had hid in my corner, I think 2016 has personally been my best yet. The most unpredictable, crazy, life-changing year of them all. And I don’t believe it’s just because I’ve reached a quarter of a century. This list is not a brag. It’s an encouragement to create your own, reflect back on all the big or little moments of the year that have made an impact. There has to be at least one hidden there among the cobwebs of memory.

– Starting the study life again. Finally getting back to the roots of what I have always wanted to do. Listening to my heart ( lame, but also true ) more than my brain.

– Quitting my job. Scary. Crazy. Stupid? Who knows. But it’s plunged me into a myriad of other opportunities and allowed me the time to consider life, what I’m looking for, and maybe make a plan.

– Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro. The most insane part of my year, and also the most life-changing and perspective-adjusting. My only recommendation: DO IT.

– Gaining a spot on the VAMFF Fashion Writing Mentorship program. Which still blows my mind.

– Getting engaged. Up the life stage.

They are the big things, but life is full of the smaller too. Moments that deserve reflection and gratitude. And then get creative like the talented Jordan Andrew Carter.

iris apfel jordan andrew carter

anna wintour jordan andrew carter creative

wes anderson jordan andrew carter design

(Images from here)

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