i wish :: a start to the year.

( This is as far as my shocking poetry skills go – you will hear no more after this, promise ).

I wish I could make up my mind. I wish I could do everything.

I wish I could be busy. I wish I could be peaceful.

I wish I could move away from the city. I wish I could keep my family and friends next door.

I wish I could stay young forever. I wish I could just grow up.

You know how sometimes life just makes you wonder? I pledged to myself I would have a less “woe is me” attitude on the blog in 2017, adjusting to the upbeat, inspirational voice I dream of and that sits way back in my head somewhere. So hopefully this is the last of that. Hopefully it’s all out of my system now. Because what is life when you are constantly questioning and wishing, but a distraction from the present, a blinder to the surrounding inspiration and beauty, a deterrent from just going out and doing SOMETHING. Anything is better than nothing. The current sunshine is better than tomorrow’s uncertainty. So, a message to myself, just stop it. Get over it. Get out there. Stop doubting. Do it.

And yes, things have changed around here. Welcome to 2017.

fashion shoot sambag slides

fashion shoot lucilla gray

fashion shoot ginia pyjamas

fashion shoot wish

(Images from here)

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