this year’s creative challenge.

I’ve started thinking that maybe I should document my outfit explorations of 2017 ( likely weekday only – I turn into a bum come the weekend ). A new challenge for me creatively, a visualisation of my daily creative pleasure, and an easy access record of those pairings I love, those that worked, and those that were complete flops ( namely those that leave you feeling uncomfortable or un-beautiful, or any other negative un- ).

If I’m feeling brave, socks pulled up and hair sitting pretty, I may even share these with you. While I won’t quite look like the usual street style babes, at least it will be an image of normalcy, the opposite of the elite. A management of style on a miniscule budget and limited wardrobe.

Self-timer is one of my multiplying new best friends. “The Daily” iPhone photo has been established.

Here are some of the outfits currently inspiring and ready for imaginative emulation ( one of which has already been vaguely appropriated for today ). Let the suggestions flow freely. Welcome welcome welcome.
ankle scarf denim street style camille charriere street style pernille teisbaek street style
(Images from 1, 2, 3)

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