important articles :: issue ii.

Before I flit off into my strange brain-world again or get way too inspired by the Dope Lemon in my ears right now – some readings for you. With the start of 2017 there is a buzzing feeling. People are ready to take on new challenges, walk through more doors, and try something new. At times it feels that half my time is spent dreaming up little games or quests for myself in the aim to just be better. So far I’ve already decided I want to learn how to hand letter ( in that beautiful, Instagram-esque way ), write with more meaning, and take on Gwyneth Paltrow’s scary detox ( won’t be so scary when I secretly allow myself a daily coffee regardless ). So what are your plans, hopes, dreams? Then get lost in these articles because they are well worth the time. Expanding the brain and providing a few laughs too.

  1. Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons in Conversation – I actually read this article online, and then gave in to the magwhore sitting on my shoulder and purchased the full magazine ( WORTH IT ). So I am currently in the process of re-reading this. I appreciated it that much. The Post-It notes have even been brought out for the occasion. These two industry stalwarts share an intimate conversation, an eye-opener on some of their authentic thoughts and beliefs. Get excited for the future of fashion because with both of them still in power great things will happen.
  2. The Surprising History of Spoons – A bit out of the ordinary, yes. Not what I would typically click on to read. But I learnt something, more than just one thing. Who knew that spoons could have been such social currency and signs of utter wealth in the past.
  3. How to Small Talk if You Hate Small Talk – This is the advice I needed weeks ago, but I have now bookmarked this link and tried to commit it’s contents to memory. No one likes being the lonely guy at the party, so get involved.
  4. A Reader Asks: How do I Get Into the Sustainable Fashion Industry? – Similarly bookmarked, because this was what I was looking for. I ask myself that same question all the time, and I have no answers. So the advice from one of the US’ prominent sustainable fashion bloggers is well received. Basically, be a sustainability nerd and read everything, network network network ( especially when in Australia the industry is still so teensy ) and choose your specific area. That topic is a beast and cannot be tackled by one person alone.
  5. Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes Speech – How could I not end on this one? It’s everywhere, but for good reason. Meryl Streep = goddess. But the aftermath is ( sadly ) even more compelling, the PRESIDENT-ELECT ( wtf? ) responding to this? Any expletive that comes to mind is required to describe the reaction. Shameful outbursts are more akin to a tantrum-throwing toddler or a high school girl caught in the middle of a bitchy catfight with no reason, than a powerful country’s representative and supposed leader. What has actually come of this world.
Sorry to end that on such a defeated note. Here, have these whimsically beautiful images to take you into dream-land again, the place we all want to live. A bunch of embellishments ripe for the taking.
dior embellished beetles sleeve
embellished sneakers street style
glitter bead top gold
loewe fringe dress
(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4)

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