pyjama party, always.

We all know that bedwear-as-outerwear has been doing the high fashion rounds for a while now. It’s undeniable. Whether it’s slinky slips dressed down for the day, matching silk shirts and pants, or simply throw-over kimono-style gowns, the look and appeal is everywhere. Every half-fashionable / creative workplace will have a culprit, at least one. We’re all severely jealous of their ease and I-woke-up-like-this attitude. And we are praying the style won’t go away. Not just yet. Living in comfort for just a while longer, dragging into the winter months where well-being often overcomes beauty, because now we can have both. We actually can have our cake and eat it too ( please, tell me, who invented such a strange saying? I always eat my cake ).

The new collections are starting to arrive in store after months of waiting and anticipation. The current runways are holding fast to leisure. Heck, some labels are inventing themselves as luxury-pyjama-only brands ( I’m looking at you Willa & Mae – gimme ). Everyone knows they are on to a good thing and they aren’t letting go. Key labels for inspiration seeking – Burberry, Prada, Emilio Pucci.

Maybe it’s the fact that the daily grind is so constant, that city-life is so stifled, that we even require such a trend. Or maybe it’s our deep-seated rebellious nature coming out – our mums would never have let us leave the house wearing our pj’s as children. It’s a reminder that there is freedom in life, even when deadlines approach and stress levels heighten. We can wear floaty pants, jump straight out of bed to commute, eat whatever we like ( those drawstring ties are a saviour ).

All I’m saying is, there is no such thing as a regret when comfort levels are that high. I’m even searching our ancient dress-up piles for the old souvenir-gifted kimonos. I want that silky feeling now, the one where every day is a party.
burberry pyjamas fall 2016
prada pyjama trend spring 2017
hellessy silk spring 2017
roksanda sleepwear spring 2017

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