why i love the row / the olsen twins.

It’s no lie that I have quite a long-standing fascination with the Olsen twins. I once pledged to re-watch all their ground-breaking movies ( still haven’t done that, but I will, just waiting for Netflix to deliver ). I once received an Olsen book ( of the So Little Time variety, I believe ) bought from a school fair, because it made Tim think of me. To which I was very pleased because I have always wanted to be the third mini in their gang – or fourth, since Elizabeth is obviously a very important human too.

If there is anyone / two who could turn around the child-star-gone-wrong phenomenon it’s these girls. Sure there’s been a couple of rough patches, but look where they’ve ended up. Not comfortable with just living off their childhood mega-earnings, they’ve gone on to create something so much bigger, better and original. A breath of fresh air in the fashion world too, where simplicity outdoes fantastical and the real woman is served ( much like my girl Rachel Comey ).

The fact that they have opted for smaller, more personal showings for The Row, reflecting the times of previous decades, as opposed to indulging the frow and living up to the social media hype, proves the refreshing nature of the brand. With buyers and critics seated unexpectedly on the floor, no Insta-famous celebrity in sight, the approach is very real and simple. A highlight of the actual garments in question, instead of the guests surrounding the platform.  A conversation with the designers ( i.e. the twins ), instead of a quick bow and run off the stage.

THIS is the stuff that excites me about fashion. Embracing the grit, getting genuine, appreciating the clothes and those who designed or made them above those who are just there for a show. Times are a-changing. The way we see shows and the way they are presented are metamorphosing. As they all say, it’s a space to watch, but proves our longing to go back to simpler times, to cut out the shit and see things for what they truly are. Exactly what we need for fashion sustainability. Designers – tell us who made the clothes; where they were made; why you made them; the inspirational story. Lay it all on the table as common knowledge. Businesses on social media are supposedly all about the behind-the-scenes, but we know it’s a severely edited one. So, show us the truth and give us a story we can personally engage with.

And also, the girls make the best damn clothing that a female of any age could ask for, all with high quality in mind – for that perfect forever-lasting garment.
( If I had been at these showings, I may have died ).
the row fall 2016 the row spring 2016 showcase the row olsen twins the row personal fashion
(Images from Fall 2016, Spring 2017)

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