taking a leaf out of jemima kirke’s book.

The first time I watched Jemima Kirke’s What’s Underneath Project, I wept. I’d had an emotional, tear-filled morning and was still feeling pretty tender, ready for another round of sobbing. The second time I attempted I was at work, with a computer that has no scope for viewing / hearing,  so tried to find some sort of transcript ( of which there isn’t one, in case you are wondering ) to give me the inspiration and motivation ( hopefully tear-free ) for the day. I read basically every article that referred to it instead, and they all hit me. It got me a little teary, but managed to not spoil the day’s makeup ( or lack thereof really ).

Just that raw honesty and overflow of emotions wrestles with my soul. This lush being has a mind like me – hard to explain, never satisfied, not to the fault of anyone else. A roller coaster of feelings; an overcomer of hardship and shitty situations; a beauty in all aspects of the word. The perfect artist, in both dress and mind.

Being an artist isn’t always easy. Finding your way is tough. These paths we take ourselves down, the ones that aren’t so straight ( as I am currently learning ) are full of self-doubt and fear, but countered with the joy of doing and finally achieving what you set out to do.

I am riddled with neuroses, self-loathing, fear, and feeling inadequate. I have confidence in areas. My abilities I’m not confident in.

Just sub that quote with my name because every second I felt myself nodding in agreeance, with a heart-wrenching feeling.

But Jemima, I love your abilities. I love your mind; your art. And I also, more superficially and less importantly, love your hair ( both old and new ); love your style. She’s got me dreaming and hoping. And remembering that it’s ok to feel a little lost at times; I’m not the only one wading through the tar.

Every girl needs to watch this, there is no doubt about it. Every person even.
jemima kirke oyster magazine
jemima kirke artist
jemima kirke style inspiration
(Images from 1, 2)

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