is double-belting a thing?

Because I just did it. Look, technically it was more of a scarf-posing-as-belt plus a legit belt, but same thing really. The concept remains. I am not of the typically physically-blessed, embodying perfect proportions. Instead, it’s a battle of the waist / hips and the bum. An ass too big to squeeze into the size my poor tum calls for. Going anywhere without a belt is walking a treacherous path; one of discomfort and lack of elegance, what with constantly pausing to haul up those drooping legs. Nudie jeans are the closest I’ve ever come to getting away without, but once they reach a ripe old age of a couple of years, Miss Belt is called out again. Miss Protection.

Today I took some inspiration from Gloria Steinem’s cover image on My Life on the Road ( current read – highly recommend ), posing in her fabulously 70’s belted tee look, with the big flowing hair to match. To achieve the belt over tee / shirt with my printed Gorman jeans, that second scarf-belt was required. Sporting the double belt, albeit unseen.

I’ve done a lot of research ( i.e. Pinterest stalking ) to see if, in fact, this is a legit thing. Are the street style babes rocking it?

Mmmm hardly likely as it turns out, unless, like me, it’s a hidden necessity ( let’s be honest, it makes toilet trips doubly difficult and lengthy, so only recommended when the situation truly calls for the necessity ). But you gotta do what you gotta do in this world of style. If you’re not comfortable it’s hardly worth leaving the house; bad moods, frustrating clothing issues, waddling around. The power of the outfit is scary and strong, but when it works, we kiss the fears of the world goodbye, just for a moment.

( And because NO ONE is delivering on this look, here are some other belted beauties of the more singular kind. Even Chanel was amok with the high-waist belt in the recent couture show, so give these a go – with your support band underneath of course. Including the jumper-as-belt option ). 
jumper belt street style ulla johnson prefall 2017 bag belt street style belt layer isabel marant spring 2015 tassle belt
(Images from 1, 2 – Ulla Johnson Pre-Fall 2017, 3, 4 – Isabel Marant Spring 2015)

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