finding my productive space.

As much as I dream of the freelance life ( when we decipher what work that would actually mean for me ), I’m coming to doubt my abilities in concentration and motivation that are necessary for this work choice. When a free day is sprung on me with no plans, and no intention of making any, I get this internal buzz, which externally becomes a convoluted, aspirational to-do list. I have the chance to pretend I live that life; to sit in a cafe with my Mac, looking super productive ( but am I actually doing anything other than stalking Instagram? ), ticking all life’s goals. When I catch people in this situation, even on the weekend, I feel a pang of jealousy, wishing I could sit there alongside, decadent coffee in hand, intelligent face on, using all the free wi-fi.

The opportunity landed itself again today, but achievements were far and few between. Instead of pumping out ideas and creating some amazing things, I kept thinking of brands I wanted to Google, random chores to do, while listening to that ongoing voice in my head saying, “You can’t do this”. I hate my brain sometimes. She is a bitch.

In an effort to find my productive space and time all I have come to learn is that the mornings are my go-zone, alert and ( almost ) ready to tackle anything. I am occasionally gifted with the odd evening where I can’t stop typing or letting my mind run wild. Those times are precious. Sitting in a cafe doesn’t necessarily work – maybe because I’m placing that ‘be productive, think well’ pressure on myself, a barrier to useful thoughts and inspiration. Sitting in a freezing, air-conditioned, dead office doesn’t work ( no surprises there ), although creative bursts will come knocking when my brain hasn’t completely fallen asleep. Sitting at home only leads to distraction; other things I should be doing, food I could be eating, books I could be reading ( and those damn persistent mowers / small children lurking ).

Tell me, my friends, because I need to hear – where is your productive space? Music? No music? How do you manage it? Where do you find inspiration when that ugly voice comes shouting in your ear? This gal needs some ideas, or a transplant because being unproductive is one of my greatest fears.

For now, Byron Spencer’s collection of fashion photographs is providing that mini hit. Enough to make it through the afternoon.
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(Images from here)

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