interchangeable fashion.

It’s easy to become so distracted in your own world, that you forget other worlds exist out there. My world is not your world, which truly is no one else’s world either, is it? I mean, who even knows if we are seeing the same colour when we claim something is of an ‘apricot’ or ‘crimson’ hue. Which, all in all, is probably one of the major issues affecting the world right now. We too often forget about others, that they are human too. We are not all the same. So I’m trying. Trying to escape this little bubble, expand my mind, think about people before speaking or reacting ( and part of this also involves a level of self-care, developing an understanding of one’s self and taking that time out – then we won’t snap or explode ).

Which is a roundabout way of saying, I forget about men’s fashion a lot of the time. In my head, I’ve marked it as a bit too average and non-new. While stalking the latest shows on Vogue Runway I’ll quickly scroll past the Menswear, onto the Resort and Pre-Fall, because that’s more M E. But as Ben Cobb ( editor-in-chief of Another Man ) has said, “Now it’s (menswear) its own universe; it’s as visionary and creative as womenswear, often more so.” I can learn just as much about how to dress or what to wear from the men as the women, particularly as androgynous and gender-neutral styles continue to evolve and take us on an endless adventure.

This is what I’ve gleaned from the latest street style in the men’s world, which I will now aim to appropriate into my own:

– Layering is essential, as is mixing up the patterns and embracing some classy headwear.

Totes are always a good thing. If you can get your hands on an embroidered denim bomber it’s even better ( seriously, hit me up if you are trying to get rid of one ).

– Ben Cobb is the perfect mix of 70’s porn-star, creepy uncle, and babe. I am not sure how he does it, but we can definitely all learn a thing or two from him – even if it is just how to take immaculate care of our hair.

– Matching always wins.
karl-edwin guerre street style menswear fall 2017 milan denim bomber embroidery street style ben cobb fur coat street style stripe suit menswear street style
(Images from here)

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