tactile retail therapy.

A quick note for you before the weekend begins.

HAVE YOU SEEN GORMAN’S LATEST COLLABORATION? Sorry for yelling but Liz Payne and Lisa Gorman have smashed this one.

What are two of my favourite things? Gorman, and embroidery. It is a multi-coloured dream come true.

While Gorman is famed for vibrant prints and patterns ( and basically defining Melbourne streets ), the delicate embroidery addition transforms the pieces and takes them to a whole new realm of intrigue and desire. A 3D ( 4D? ) world. These are the dresses you want to walk right up to and stroke, uncontrollably, to get a feel for the whole thing. Please avoid this behaviour with strangers though. It is tempting, but let’s avoid the emergency calls and evil side-eyes.

My heart has fallen for the “I’m not afraid” dress with its 360 degree, knee-length tactile appeal. It won’t rest until that beauty is strikingly sitting in my wardrobe, automatically turning my bland, monochrome rack into one of dreams and colourful adventures. A dress for making things in. I’ll bet it unleashes the mind as soon as it is slipped on the wearer, casting some magic to make time run a little more slowly, emails to stop channelling through, and every creative pursuit you had ever considered a reality. Which is exactly what the doctor has ordered. It’s basically medicine then, right? The truest form of retail therapy.
lisa gorman liz payne gorman embroidery collaboration liz payne artist collaboration gorman multicolour gorman print
(Images from here)

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