fashion week dramas :: more ruffles.

Fashion week(s) rolls around and brings with it another thousand articles, images, reviews to get lost in online. But seriously, I haven’t even caught up on the Spring session yet ( which raises another, much debated, question – has fashion gone crazy? Too obsessed with the constant delivery? Is it all our fault as a consumeristic society? ) I pay the price. Sore eyes from screens and forgetting to look out the window every once in a while, head hitting poles etc. etc.

Before we get too lost in all those new looks teasing us for a very dark-shaded winter ahead ( a la Alexander Wang ), let’s stay in the warmer times a little longer, and uncover a little more inspiration for the coming months. Avoid pulling up the jeans and layering on the coats. Humour me.

One look I hope ( and also somewhat know ) won’t disappear on us anytime soon is that of the ruffle, particularly when it fits into the EXTREME category. There are average, oh-so-pretty ruffles, but then there are the next level, how-do-you-even-wear-that variety. Case in point: Pandora Sykes’ recent confession of having to remove said ruffled sleeves ( care of Monographie Paris ) prior to lunching, because sleeves like that were not made for feasting, leaning and banqueting in.

The two labels that particularly caught my eye in the Spring 2017 circuit were Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini and Rachel Comey ( you thought I’d get through without a mention of her? ). Philosophy delivered on the soft, pirate-esque shirts, flowing around the wrists, draping around the bodice. The whole collection a bit Princess Bride, Romantic-era / every historical romance movie I ever loved as a teen, meets a sparkly, risque 80’s maven – ready to party and show off those accentuated frills. Rachel Comey delivers on another perspective. The classic New-Yorker / high-flying working lady. She’s got shit to do and she will do it in style. Sneaky ruffles escaping on one leg of the pant ( my favourite, unique incarnation ) to delicate glimpses of frills lining bodices and necks.

If both these collections prove anything, it’s that anyone can integrate a ruffle effect into their wardrobe, in some way. No one is too ‘alternative’, too ‘tomboy’, too ‘professional’. You can make it a romantic twirl and old-fashioned exploration, or you can re-invent it for the now, for yourself. Maybe there comes a day where every girl just needs a ruffle, like she needs a cuddle, to remind her of her greatness ( so essentially, I need ruffles at my leisure now, to deter those negative inner voices ).

Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini spring 2017 philosophy spring 2017 ruffles rachel comey spring 2017 ruffles rachel comey spring 2017
(Collection images from Vogue Runway)

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