fashion ( and the world ) through the eyes of a child.

On the day I wore ( read: attempted to wear ) my Camille Charriere copycat number, I noticed a little girl on the train unashamedly staring, as inquisitive small people are often known to do. I watched her out my side-eye, wondering, “What do you actually think of this?” Is it too boring and adult? Too much grey? Too much white?

If we saw everything through a child’s eyes imagine how different the world might be. It would be a whole lot more colourful ( disapproving of 90% of my outfit choices ). We would hear much more laughter echoing through the streets. Dreams would be followed because that’s what they’re there for.  Bold questions would be asked; no more cowering behind our unsure minds.

Kids have the great ability to be brutally honest, which we lose track of somewhere in our years of high school. It’s cooler to keep quiet, keep your thoughts to yourself, don’t ask, don’t look like you aren’t sure. At times that honesty is way too brutal ( stories of friends’ children landing them in awkward, unsavable moments ), but at least they say what they think. If I said what I thought all the time or followed every thought I had, who knows where I would be. I would stick up for myself, my ideas, my beliefs. It would make me a whole lot braver in all aspects of life and more confident in the abilities I so often doubt. I could be a high-flying power-lady for all we know. Adulthood let me down.

One day soon maybe I will pop on the craziest, most bright clothing I own ( there has to be something at the bottom of the drawer… ), reflecting my crazy mind, not caring about the strange looks from others. Relish in this child-like mindset of just wearing what you want, whether it’s a princess outfit with angel wings and stomping boots or the most unique combination of patterns. Heck, why not wear all your jewellery at once? So, children brimming with honesty, what do you think of these outfit concoctions? Gigantic sequins, embroidery meets sheer fabrics meets a mess of colour and pattern, a giant display of gold ( valuable both inside and out ), or earrings big enough to knock your friend out.
megan bowman gray sequin street style susie bubble pattern street style golden jacket street style poppy lissiman bold earrings
(Images via 1, 2, 3, 4)

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