the dreamy life and style of brie welch.

I have found, yet another, creative / talented girl to be crushing on and admiring. Is there a diagnosis for someone such as me?

Over the last year or so I’ve heard Brie Welch’s voice many a time via one of my favourite podcasts, Garance Dore’s Pardon My French, but somehow failed to put two and two together for so long. The voice and the face behind that light-filled tone were separate beings. It wasn’t until my most recent street style stalking from the New York Fall 2017 shows that I made my discovery and reversed the error of my ways.

As Garance’s main girl ( my definition ) and Fashion Director at the studio, she’s grasped a role virtually any fashion-dreaming, career-seeking soul hopes to pursue. Brie has essentially crafted her own role, mixing editorial and styling work with an array of meetings, market work and casting. The role required for one with an active mind and insatiable desire to do just about everything ( i.e. me ). Pair that with her impeccable style, brilliant vintage-shopping skills and revered fashion opinion, and you have one Brie Welch. Someone who seems just as down to earth as the typical Californian, yet copiously successful. The owner of the most perfect vintage night-shirts and shorts, sitting just as pretty next to a collection of designer boots and heels ( all we dream of – Celine, Prada, Maryam Nassir Zadeh ).

Yep, I really like this cool chick and her tomboy meets vintage aficionado style. “I’ve always been told that I’ve never worn the same outfit twice,” she’s admitted, “but I don’t do that on purpose.” Girl after my own heart, I tell you. Even more options for real-life appropriation. The challenge awaits.

brie welch fashion director garance dore brie welch street style brie welch fashion director at home brie welch style fashion

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