much ado about bottom-halves.

My self-prescribed sartorial challenge has taught me many things already; things that new and things that are building on the snippets I already noticed in my life. Known fact: there’s a lot of black and white in that wardrobe ( actually, sadly, it’s not even a wardrobe – more like a mass of drawers and hanging space sprawled ). Realised fact: it’s a lot more than I thought; a lot more bland and monochromatic than previously suspected. Known fact: my wardrobe is not as extensive and exciting as I dream. Realised fact: items for the bottom half are severely limited.

I’d be lying if I said I was looking forward to winter. Every year I dread the oncoming chill ( although I do love a good coat ) and the apparent slim pickings for a solid cold day outfit. The rains have already started and I am walking around with dripping wet legs because I refuse to give up on my short-hemmed pieces. Jeans are the winter essential, with skirts sometimes worn to change things up, and even with tights, a layer of goosebumps infiltrate my skin. Generally, the only thing that distinguishes one day from another is the choice of top, which quickly loses excitement and the creative joy of outfit invention. I’m not Steve Jobs; uniforms are not my thing. So some sort of medicine is required, particularly when the seasonal affective disorder hits and takes its dreadful toll on life.

But this year, I have a new plan. Invest in some OTHER bottom-half options. Get out of the skinny jean mindset and explore something else. ( Hopefully, this will also mean fewer patching of crotch holes ). Adding to the pressure is my limit to choose ONE pair that will last, provide a myriad of styling options and keep me satisfied / warm – wedding budgets are no friend of mine.

The question is, do we go for:

– A cult pair of mum jeans? Accentuating that booty and adding a cool factor to just about any look. Still succumbing to denim but providing a varied silhouette.

– A colour-block pant? Instantly adding some much-needed vibrancy, particularly when the wardrobe go-to’s become darker and darker to match the weather outside ( and the mood inside ).

– A not-so-classic stripe? Another opportunity to play with colour yet perfectly mix appropriate work trouser with play. Versatility = more sustainable = more wallet friendly.

– Or, option #4, let’s just pretend winter doesn’t exist ( yes! ). Invest in some quality silk pants ( aka pyjamas ) for the most functional of them all. A pair that can easily go from bed to work to brunch. Wear thermals underneath if the freeze turns you purple, no one else will ever know.

Decision-making on a budget is not my forte. Especially when the winner also has to somehow satisfy my sustainable requirements. Ideas for me? Recommend away.

If desperation reaches the next level, even with a new addition, solid op-shop scouring will be required – potentially many days worth – to find the reinvention pants of my dreams. A pair of scissors and an imagination are always a girl’s best friend, for multiple uses.
mum jeans style colour block winter trousers striped trouser style silk pants fashion pyjama style

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