is my wardrobe making me depressed?

Quite frankly, it could be. And tracking the daily lewks doesn’t seem to be helping.

We know my wardrobe has been uncovered as largely monochrome – blah blah blah – but what I’ve come to realise, an enlightenment that only hit me two days ago ( and one that makes so much SENSE in my mind ), this black-and-white-boring, when repeated frequently, can lead to darker feelings we generally try to push away. Are our outfits who we become?

I can’t solely blame my wardrobe for this current overwhelmed state of mind – a range of assignments, weekend happenings ( great things, but so much ), keeping up with this person and reading that, and on and on, also play a large role. Basically, I just want a few days to read magazines and drink good coffee – is that so much to ask? But this lack of colour screams at me, literally shrieks in my brain, as I try to plan the next day’s outfit. Scrolling through what I’ve worn already, it’s a dull collection of greys, blacks, whites and blues, with the occasional, very occasional, pop. See, the problem is, I’m trying to be more colourful, but I can’t. I don’t own the rainbow I should, limiting me to these sombre choices. This isn’t just a validation to spend all the $$$ and brighten my options.

I asked Dr. Google, “can a monochrome outfit make you depressed?”, “can your clothes make you feel depressed?”.

He didn’t answer. Probably just thought I was crazy.

Instead, he told me that people who suffer depressive feelings often wear baggier, comfort-based clothing – we already know all that. But what if the clothing itself can ignite the feeling? Can our clothing choices be more than an external sign of internal emotions?

While I haven’t found any proof that my theory is true, I now know what my topic would be if I ever did decide to become my own Dr. and change the world with a PhD ( not going to happen ). I think that maybe a colourful life, vibrant in social activity and exciting days, can handle the ease of monochrome – it’s classy, it’s work-friendly and practical. But when life currently revolves around much drearier elements, it’s up to the outfit to make life pop a little. It could just be that I need a few more wild accessories to revive any dull day; wake up any tiresome outfit.

As always, we wouldn’t be done without a bit of help from my street style friends. Breathe your inspiration into my soul, magically deliver those life-giving pieces I so need to seamlessly add and casually resuscitate the dark lurking in those drawers. And then, enough with the monochrome bore: onto bigger and better things next time.

pink fur coat street style street style gold slip ons style red turtleneck man repeller purple bag street style

(Images via 1, 2, 3, 4)

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