in celebration of all things ‘woman’.

Some days I am so proud to be a woman that it almost brings me to tears. I have so many scattered opinions and thoughts on this topic but, increasingly, I am finding greater joy in my gender; glad I was born who I am. I’m in awe of the women who have come before: who have dealt with the dirtiest, most depressing issues. While the issues haven’t dissipated just yet – we haven’t won this equality battle yet – their example pushes me to fight harder and be stronger.

I think about all the voiceless women in the world. Those who are oppressed, unable to speak out for fear or ability. We have a duty to stand for these women too. As the ones with voices, no matter how mocked or judged, and the means – through all our social media platforms, spaces like this, and our daily conversations – it’s basically in the code of Woman to work to make drastic changes. Fighting for our sisters.

In celebration of all things woman ( let’s be honest, our bodies are a scientific hero in their own right ), I unintentionally pulled on one of my most feminine-feeling outfits this year. Something about a mid-length, half-floaty skirt has me all woman-ly and grown up lady-like. Matched with a neck-bandanna ( not on purpose, but it was red – I later discovered the symbol of solidarity for International Women’s Day – turns out my mind subconsciously knew how to take part ), belted toasty warm sweater, and hair tied back, and you’ve got a fighter on your hands. I feel like the modern version of the Suffragette seen throughout fashion month ( more on this to come ). Give me a sash, a baton, a beret ( the hat choice of confident decision-makers ) and I will get shit done. Winifred Banks reincarnated? ( Minus the singing – my body hasn’t managed that magic trick yet ).

This is my simple ode. It doesn’t go very far from the seat of my office chair, but girls, we got it. We can do it. Let’s celebrate each other, not tear each other down. Below, some of my favourite power women, encouraging, demanding and standing up for us all while looking hella amazing ( plus a million+ other sisters doing it for themselves ). In Maya Angelou’s words, “Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass.”
miuccia prada feminist lena dunham feminist maya angelou feminism international womens day gloria steinem international womens day
(Images via 1, 2, 3, 4)

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