sleepless in the city: hello vamff.

I’m about to launch myself into a rollercoaster, whirlwind weekend of inspiration, fashion and writing. Pretty much my three favourite things.

VAMFF kicked off the other day, beckoning me back to the wondrous city of Melbourne. This time, instead of making lists to trawl the best-of-the-best cafes and eateries, I may find myself subsisting on a diet of caffeine and sugar-free snacks. And I can’t wait. You know it’s a good time when you are so distracted by the array of events that food barely crosses the mind ( particularly a next-meal-planning mind like my own ).

Keep an eye on my Instagram for a feed of Australian fashion and adventure. The one post a day rule will most certainly be broken. Torn into shreds. Read along here – give me a few days grace, though – for the highlights and learnings of the adventure. Peruse Voxfrock for the daily recap and features ( say hi to me there too ).

Australian fashion is having its moment: it’s growing, it’s exciting, it’s about to blow minds. The new designers rising through the ranks, and those just beginning their journey, are set to make big changes. And I am so excited and thrilled to have the privilege of bringing it to you. Wish me luck and joyously sleepless nights.

I bid you adieu as I prepare for that 4 am wake-up call. Just like these picturesque, laced-up dairy farming girls, I assume?

dairy queens photoshoot vogue japan michal pudelka vogue japan vogue japan dairy queens editorial michal pudelka editorial

(Vogue Japan March 2016 – Dairy Queens by Michal Pudelka)

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