backstage with the rookies | Voxfrock.

This piece was written for Voxfrock.

It’s a tale of two worlds behind a fashion show. The models. The dressers, artists and organisers. The convergence of these is only witnessed by a few outsiders. To the unknowing eye, the runway is planned and then simply executed. But behind those heavy black curtains, teams of people are tirelessly working to deliver the final perfected performance. Before VAMFFs National Graduate Showcase, we were lucky enough to dive behind that curtain and get the scoop….

One might expect a whirl of stress to overtake each model as they prepare for their walk down the runway (a harrowing concept for many). Instead, I arrive in a peaceful situation; the sound of models laughing, visions of silent preparation. Games of Uno, restful naps and intense reading sessions (there’s nothing like Markus Zusak or Anthony Kiedis’ memoir to mentally get in the zone).

In the second world behind the scenes, we zone in on the dressers. While many are also scrolling through their phones, there is a different vibe. Frantic last minute steaming sessions, lint removal runabouts, mentally visualising – trying to remember – the intended placement of each strap and hole. These works of art by young designers are so complicated, so unique in execution and fit, they demand individual direction from the creator’s themselves. Now the vibe is anxious as dressers aim to do each piece justice, to best represent designers’ visions.

The show itself is a roaring success. The intricacies of each look are highlighted; there are constant rounds of applause. These garments break the boundaries of fashion; no design rulebooks to follow.

I sit opposite the young bloods and am privy to their joy and celebrations. The models carried their work well, the dressers tweaked and perfected. Now it’s our turn to watch as these young designers set the future of Australian fashion on fire.

backstage vamff national graduate showcase backstage vamff 2017 uno backstage vamff 2017 julie due vamff backstage zhuxuan he

(Images captured by the incredibly talented Julie Due)

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