how to deal with winter: get a cool sweatshirt.

We had a few rough weeks of heavy-belting rain here – a vision, a reminder, a warning of what is to come. Every year I successfully forget the woes of winter when the sun shines frequently and I can feel that slight burn. I’m a sun-seeker; I’m a cold-blooded animal requiring that hit of Vitamin D. I’ve got a heating storage unit within me but it only lasts a few minutes. At first, the incessant rain was depressing. Until I remembered my sole winter joy – getting warm by layering up.

What followed was a slight sense of fear, though. Like, what do I actually have in my wardrobe that will keep me warm enough? How will I not wear exactly the same outfit every day (and therefore destroy all my tireless efforts to create something new daily)? I have one woollen jumper worthy of the great outdoors (i.e. outside the confines of my bedroom) and a handful of jackets and coats that keep me relatively warm.

Never fear, the answer is here.

Monogram had me at ‘sweatshirts’. My dream item right now in this phase of life and state of mind. A piece that has gained enough street cred for the every day and basic enough to mix and match with all the wonders hidden in my drawers. Make it professional, sassy, gangster, bliss. Any girl who wishes to show some emotion and stick-it-to-the-man with her outfit choices will be well and truly satisfied with these graphic prints and slogans. And all inspired by the aesthetic of the vintage – designs reminiscent of the 60’s and 70’s (basically, all those tees we scour vintage stores for only to find a) they are all gone because everyone wants them, or b) they’re hundreds of dollars because everyone wants them).

Current favourite sweatshirt slogans: “bullshit”, “au naturel”, “bad taste”.

The couple team haven’t taken the burden / joy of creating a solid t-shirt offering lightly, though – even the fabrics have been created specifically for them to “walk the fine line of feeling extremely soft and loved without looking unnecessarily distressed or trashed.” What’s more, it’s all done in LA. Every last bit. The steps in the manufacturing process we skip over and forget exist – knitting, washing, dyeing… – are handled by family-owned manufacturers. Quality control verified.

(Another piece of VITAL information: Man Repeller t-shirts are (kind of) available – if you ignore the sold out signs. The simple tee, I have come to realise, is disappointingly a rarity in my wardrobe. This issue needs rectifying ASAP). (Did I also mention Brie Welch is a massive fan?).

Watch out for more winter wardrobe dreams – there are plenty more saved up where that came from.

In other news, have a gander at an interview I was lucky enough to be subject of via SMS, with my new pal Frankey (and check out the rest of his quality posts too).
monogram amour tee monogram graphic t-shirts monogram au naturel monogram sweatshirt
(Images via Monogram)

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