important articles :: issue iii.

It is high time we had another round of important articles. Out of the hundreds I read each day / week / month (no joke) here are a few recent picks. If I could share my magazines with you I would do that too. If you were interested in my overflowing list of bookmarks I would share them with you.

What I have come to learn and appreciate is that reading, honestly, is key. Without reading there would be no writing; no expanding of the mind and brain. It’s inspirational, informative and calming. When you find someone who just places words on the page so wonderfully, they are a treasure to continually follow. This is my way of spreading the love and encouraging the inner nerd in us all, even if it is largely fashion-based (NOT a whimsical topic at all).

I’ve also become addicted to Lenny Letter, after only taking FOREVER to actually sign up. The inbox surge of opinion and stories has been very welcome, as has Dolly Alderton’s aptly named Dolly Mail (I’m a sucker for a recipe and reading recommendations). (Sign up for these ASAP).

 So grab a life-giving coffee, prop those eyeballs open wide, and get ready to take some notes:

  1. The Importance of Community in Fashion. My most recent read – a heart-warming look at the role of family and community in fashion right now. They are the backbones that prop up creatives and without them, we wouldn’t have half the talent bursting onto the scene.
  2. How to Have a Plastic Free Kitchen. Something non-fashion, groundbreaking. This is the article I need to commit to memory and even more importantly, habit. Print it out and post it smack-bang in the centre of the fridge. If you aren’t doing any of these things yet – you need to start. If you already are ticking some boxes – here’s a few more helpful ways.
  3. The Peculiar History of the Ruffle. You know that strange obsession I have with ruffles? Well, they go way back. And, just to sweeten it all, they aren’t the girly, romantic addition we often think of today. Instead, ruffles were entrenched with power, bypassing the constructs of gender.
  4. Can a Corset be Feminist? Another equally interesting and important history piece for you. Once an image of female subservience, the corset has now become a “symbol of empowerment, of sexual freedom, of control.”
  5. Fashion’s Bootleg Era. Demna Gvasalia, Alessandro Michele and GucciGhost, and Ava Nirui leading the way for the bootleg, raising questions on consumerism, the nature of the fashion cycle and the impact of ‘brand’.

ava nirui polo ralph lauren bootleg prada spice girls gucci champion ava nirui just do it bootleg ava nirui

(Images via Ava Nirui)

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