the geriatric shoe :: comfort vs. cool.

If there’s ever been a style of shoe to make you stop, step back and squint your eyes – questioning their very existence and meaning – it’s the geriatric-inspired mash-up. No one word could describe the part-sandal, part-jogger, part-slipper that’s storming runways and streets. Are they cool? How far is too far in our obsession with stylish octogenarians?

Wearing a pair of these comfort-filled foot protectors could go either two ways, with two very different responses: cool girl or just plain oh-dear-what-was-she-thinking. Just like Christopher Kane’s bedazzled take on Crocs, only a few are blessed enough to wear without social degradation or horror. The scream of soft-footing may be just enough to convince me of their ways.

Prada is clearly at the forefront of the trend, streaming models down the runway for Resort 2018 with wonderfully strapped-in (velcroed) feet. Blisters are but a distant memory, as are sore heels and rubbing ankles. My feet are feeling tingly comfort just thinking about it. When paired with flouncy pleats and slyly exposed shoulders it may just work.

Miuccia Prada is trying to tell us something – as the new expert in heavenly feet, and pyjamaed bodies, with multiple seasons of snugness under her belt – Comfort is key? Comfort and style CAN go hand in hand?

Salvatore Ferragamo delivered the cosy shoe for the height-disadvantaged for Spring 2017. The ultimate in flatforms. Strapped in to ensure minimal slippage; slip-on with soft uppers and invisible seams for a zero rub effect. The sock effect.

Maybe our grandparents really are the ultimate trendsetters. After all, how many pieces in my current wardrobe rotation have been passed down from my very own? What goes around comes around, as they say. Without those belts, I’d be walking around with jeans around my ankles and a constant pause to hike them back up.

In the end, what pulling off a trend like this truly comes down to, is the attitude. A laissez-faire way of life. If you can freely and unashamedly walk out of the house in attire questioned by many, then do it. The breezy vibe will set the doubters off-kilter and cause them to question their own hesitations. You may even have a dedicated convert on your hands. On a brave day, I’ll nab a pair of velcro Reeboks with spongy soles and see just how far I can go. Walk, walk everywhere.
(Images via Vogue Runway)

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