five gals for inspiring everyday.

Finding an outfit for every single day is often a drawn-out battle of rummaging, trying, chucking and deciding. Most days I look at my wardrobe and just feel blergh. It’s a concoction of selections over the years: the late teen/early university years (i.e. the continuation of awkward appearances whilst finding one’s proverbial feet), cheap op shop finds, hand-me-downs and hand-me-ups (gathered out of necessity and the belief that my home is a better solution to landfill), the very few pieces I have actually been able to afford myself. All in all, a slightly nonsensical mixed bag and hell for one drawn to fashion.

As my pocket helper, I’ve amassed hundreds of pins and bookmarked images – saved for the moments when an imagination and the same grey/black/blue combo doesn’t pull through. A quick scroll and, fingers crossed, there is something (anything) in there that will inspire and can be re-appropriated in my less fancy way.

I’ve also got a team of gals on speed-dial (Instagram) to lift the spirits and ignite the mind:

Veronika Heilbrunner – The iconic frilly dress and sneakers donner, co-founder of heywoman! and all round everything. She’s not tomboy and she’s not girly-girl, but somewhere balanced in between: long locks, edge and the all-important sense of humour. Anyone seeking to master a statement dress and make it their own must first take some serious lessons via Instagram.

Camille Charriere – One of my new French loves and inspirers, Camille is a fashion journalist with the heartiest laugh (listen away on her podcast with Monica Ainley, Fashion No Filter) and the breezy style so synonymous with a European summer. She’s all trench-meets-slip, shirt with a side of boob and the jeans you just can’t seem to find for yourself. And then, of course, there’s that accent and free-loving spirit too.

Jeanne Damas – No questions asked. How could those sultry red lips not make it on the list? French at it’s most perfect level with a wardrobe of elegant staples, understated ruffles and just the right amount of pattern mixed in (which we now also have the opportunity to PURCHASE via her label, Rouje).

Pandora Sykes – If Pandora told you to jump off a cliff, would you do it? If she told you to wear crayon colours or attempt to make Christopher Kane’s Crocs cool, would you do it? She could dress me in a scratchy potato sack and I’d do it – the Midas touch is her gift. She brings light and playfulness to the dreariest of London days.

Leandra Medine – Our maximalist best friend/inspiration. Nothing is off-limits, including a hark back to the velcro-ed boardshorts of the yesteryear (i.e. my favourite wardrobe staple as a noughties primary school kid) and DIY bead bracelets. Realllllll funnnnn.

There is opportunity in your wardrobe yet.
veronika heilbrunner camille charriere jeanne damas pandora sykes leandra medine
(Images via 1, 2, 3, 4)

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