important articles :: issue iv.

I’ve sorely missed reading masses of articles lately, somehow time just keeps getting the better of me. That and Netflix, I suppose. It’s the middle of the year and it’s time to hit refresh. Pause for a minute to take a look back at the early 2017 hopes and dreams, take stock, and make a moving-forward plan. (I say this, but still haven’t done so myself. Self-reflection is a scary, eye-opening beast at times). Regardless, I hope this new list provides some form of entertainment, encouragement or education.

  1. 14 Sustainable and Ethical Fashion Myths that Need to Die. Some lessons to be learnt here, spanning the eco-friendly status of vegan leather, to assumptions about ‘Made in China’, and donating clothes to charity. My key takeaway – don’t worry about where you donate your old clothes – “Just pick a charity whose mission you support”. Instead, spend your worries on purchasing long-lasting, more ethical clothing in the first place.
  2. On Reflection. Two of my favourites, Chloe Sevigny and Pandora Sykes, met for a tea and I wish I could have been a fly on that wall.
  3. Alexander Fury on the Genius of Red Kawakubo for Comme Des Garcons. The Met Gala may be over and my mention of this article a little late, but Rei’s utterly mind-blowing ingenuity will never be stilled. The designer altered fashion as it was known in the early 80’s, ditching tailored pieces to instead create volume and baggy silhouettes, more focused on a “feel” than a “look”. “They’re not clothes, they’re fashion. They’re series of ideas, of concepts, created in fabric.”
  4. Simon Port Jacquemus on Marseille and a Mother’s Love. Jacquemus will always be a designer to turn to in times of inspiration drought. I’m not sure what it is about those clean lines and pure vibes flowing through each piece, but it equals something so heavenly. He’s successfully carving a niche of his own: while many designers are turning towards the grungy underground, Jacquemus proudly reflects his roots of Marseille and a deep love of both France and his mother.
  5. Anna Wintour on the Met Ball, the Future of Magazines and Her Own Future. This may be the closest glimpse of the elusive Anna Wintour I have seen/read so far as she steers Vogue to continually be a curator of “Changes in culture, changes in political times, changes in fashion”. There is still so much to explore.

berta bernad fashion photography berta bernad fashion photography berta bernad fashion photography berta bernad fashion photography berta bernad fashion photography

(Images via Berta Bernad)

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