becoming a french film-star :: une heures.

At a certain point, writing about what we deem as “sustainable” labels becomes difficult. Here I am, passing judgement on a brand, a dress, a pair of shoes, from the chair at my dining room table. The internet is my encyclopaedia. But I am a tactile-based person – the one who wanders a store, giving in to the urge to float my fingers along every hanging garment, lingering on those unusual or texturally perfect. Without the piece in front of me, it’s hard to give a 100% picture and fully believe in something.

Sometimes, though, I stumble upon a label I feel I can wholly invest in, even if it is just through a few images and scattered words. It all gets real when I start imagining it’s addition to my wardrobe – the way it would feel on my body.

If heaven could be encapsulated in one garment, I imagine it as this: a simple silk ribbed knit, inspired by the most desirable French ladies and films from the ’60s. Easily ours, thanks to the LA-based label, Une Heures.

Much can be said about a brand that chooses to run with solely one garment (and one fabrication). It’s reassuring, for starters. A designer (Chrissy Leavell in this instance) so certain of the fit, function and beauty of one particular piece that there is no need to fill the offering with a bunch of useless others. It also speaks to a label with sustainability at its core – minimising creating for the sake of creating and instead, perfecting the one.

We could all learn a thing or two from Une Heures: in beauty, style, minimalism, and most importantly, reflecting that inner French movie-star so desperate to go on show.
une heures silk rib knit une heures sustainable fashion une heures label une heures french inspiration
(Images via Une Heures)

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