How is Celine Just So Good?

I’m glad you asked.

There is just something about Celine isn’t there? An overwhelming sensation takes over every time I browse through the perfected lookbook or prized show. A good reason, then, to ponder the reasons as to why this French label consumes the best of us – straight from the typing fingers of an amateur.

Celine has rendered a position as one of the most approachable luxury labels. While many brands seem stand-offish and exclusive – as much as I love Gucci, the house’s print-clad runways are only truly wearable by a few – Celine is positioned on the opposing end. Looks aren’t scary and only show-appropriate but made easy for the everyday woman to execute without fear of judgement. Walking into work, the local Woolworths or a dinner with the gals in a masculine jacket only brings stares of the admirable kind.

The pieces speak to a variety of women in all stages of life: slouchy pants, streamlined jackets, and statement accessories are crafted for real women living in the real world. An all-too-common irk of the modern woman is lack of time. Between working and balancing every social and familial group possible, there is not a lot of time to give, particularly to ourselves. Much like Rachel Comey, Celine invests in the elevated basic; simple luxuries. These are the pieces that can be quickly pulled on; just add some bold earrings and a favourite pair of shoes and a look is created. Tricky prints and complicated pieces are abandoned – anything calling for significant time, preparation and consideration are eschewed. All my sartorial needs are delivered without heavy research (only requires a maxed-out credit card).

Generally, we credit this ease of wear to the creativity and realness of Phoebe Philo – the woman who just gets us. But it was Michael Kors who reinstated the reign of the house in the 90’s; under his watchful eye sportswear was made luxurious and deceivingly simple dressing for women was celebrated. Since then Philo has secured Celine as a globally loved label. What Kors began, she has continued and maintained a true sense of brand and womanhood throughout.

With all this talk of Philo stepping down from her appraised role, the future of the brand will be closely watched. Will a successor be able to uphold this feminine yet strong sensuality so carefully developed over the years? Will we still sit forward in our seats or excitedly open Vogue Runway to view the latest collection? My only hope is that Celine continues to be a brand that pushes women to feel comfortable, strong and themselves. Fashion isn’t about becoming someone new, but elevating and highlighting the bits that make you you. The way each wears her Celine may differ, but we’re all united by the common desirable threads weaving through: comfort, ease, and beauty.

celine resort 2018 celine resort 2018 celine resort 2018 celine resort 2018

(Images via Vogue Runway)

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